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Follow your SEM, PolyXene Kasda's shot biographical note

me and the scattered halo of my Project Myth/Network 1990-2015 (2D snapshot  of a 4D process)

Project Myth/Network was launched in the Museum of Modern Art of Joensuu, Meeting of the Worlds, PAND conference, Finland 22-6-1990. 
Archives: Project Myth/Network: emst.gr/gr/collections National Museum of Modern Art archives code 1595.Donation: Xagoraris 1991.

it all started with my threshold performance on the altar that surfaced in the bottom of the lake of Mornos hit by drought in 1990. The 25 years long project Myth/Network that followed was the trace in actual time of that immersive instant ritual. The performance relics were hundreds of sphinx-like earth sculptures the Chrysalii which were seeded by international 'interactors' in more than 300 sites in 27 countries 'composing an ideography of the web before its spreading ...

Project Myth/Network -1990-2015- is an “hyper-string” of interlaced sub-projects emerging from depth psychology and multi-plexing in:

 - Dispersive overview cosmonautic installations, like:

*Chrysalis 1990-91 global biodegradable, interactive, collective installation in 300 sites-27 countries forepacing the internet web technologies

*Fugue or The Gate of Love 1996-98 variations of a monumental Fibonacci structure in 5 distant sites of the earth -University of Sibiu Silver Medal.

*Doodling perturbations of the probabilistic mind caught in the space between projects where very little happens 1985-2016 drawings on diaphanes inserted  in 13 cultural events in 7 countries: 3rd Biennial of Beijing 2008, DESIGN House of Cyprus Athens 2009, Munster Night of Museums,Germany 2014...

*PXK Route global fossil 2004-2015 installation, made with my innovative fossilizing material PXK, devised for creating my Olympic monument 'Chrysalis' which hosted the Olympic Flame, Paleon Faleron, Athens 04, and is now anchored in more than 25 world events: XVII Βiennale di Poesia di Alessandria Italy 2004, 2nd Biennial of Beijing 2005, 4rth Biennial of Tashkent 2007, Nuit Blanche Paris 2007...
 PXK Route represented Greece in the Beijing Biennial Olympic conference 2018 and was awarded the Olympic Fine Arts Golden medal.

- Affective-cognitive maps of spectral Greece -1994-1996-2011 following the tantalizing trails of spectral space' ossified symptoms, landscape semiotics and language games.

Mythologically augmented anti-historical parcours in mythical sites of Greece - graphisms and sets of instructions opening mythical barcodes, regenerating an enchanted noetic hyperspace embodied through the participants' consensual engagement.

 Under the auspices of the Municipal Radio of Athens 9,84F.M, the Biennale of Poetry of Alessandria Italy,Τοuchstone poetry group for the XVth European Poetry Festival (Brussels), the European Poetry Network (Belgium)who adopted the Maps as a new form of generative poetic expression.

-  Code Lexomorphes 1991- 2009 -2015- Speaking sculptures and linguistic games based on the ancient Greek numerical codification of language .
participated in:
Structuralist exhibition Homage a Stazewski Concept/ Form, Municipal Center of Athens 1991.
Congress on Greek Language 2009, Old Parliament of Athens, org. Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

- Fugue, or, The Gate of Love 1996-1998-2005: monumental Fibonacci structure anchored in five distant sites: Castro di Piovera Alessandria Italy 1996,  Crabova Fountain Arcadia 1997, University of Lucian Blaga Sibiu Romania1997 (Silver Honorary Medal), The Aegean Foundation Paros 1998,  Park Floisvos 2005 Athens.

- Uraniasgardens the botanology of culture 2009-2015* Agro-psycho-SAGA projects in culturally gagged sites of Greece like:

 Gargling Sky, village-network in Gergeri 2009, PAI transborder, borderline project on Time Alexandroupolis - Bulgaria- Samothrace 2010, the Samothrace Game 2011 an exercise in ambiguous thinking with the antinomic guidance of Heraclite's Fragments, Pith Elevoron 2014 on agriculture and madness Antikyra, Sphinx 2015 The Hidden Thebes Festival, or, the affective power of spectral space School of Fine Arts, Ministry of Culture

*https://uraniasgardens/ cultural botanology: seven years Uraniasgardens 2009-2016, by Poly Kasda.

By pattern-setting, curating and monitoring my projects, I set the conceptual/ sensorial soil for my  art objects to sprout and the authentic living material for my self-reflexive narrative articles and essay.s  

*SEM or Something Essential Missing, as I call this heroic conscient element retroactively charged with our human entelechy, persistently driving us out of our skin. SEM  makes its presence felt by the pitiless attraction of its own void, 

Narrative essays sustaining my M/N projects

 1994 Pyrisporos
, Art-Science-Mythology, Aigokeros-Art, Athens (in Greek)

1997 ΠΑΙ, bionarrative, written in French, published in 3 languages by The Seven Sleepers Leuvain-coed Uni. Press Lucian Blaga Romania 1997- International Frankfurt Bookfair. PAI was published in Greek by Tyflomyga, Athens 2004 
2016 When that word swallowed meSphinx The Hidden Thebes Festival, allegoric biodiegeses written in Greek and in English.
My early essay The Conscious Eye Aigokeros-Art 1988 (in Greek) was 'needled' in 2015 by A.I. Prof.John Kontos with the recent developments in A.I. and is considered to be a Pythian text outpacing the rise of new technologies. 
2015 J. Kontos- P. Kasda, Artificial Intelligence professor John Kontos Needles  Poly Kasda's Conscious Eye, SouthWind, Athens (in English).

http:// uraniasgardens, Artificial Intelligence Prof. needles The Conscious Eye ( a short chronicle by Poly Kasda).

1986 The Adventures of the Eye, Greek National TV documentary  

1988-89 Trito Vima magazine Greek National Radio Third Channel 1989 on the flux of Modern Art and acoustic art-works experimentations 
IAA UNESCO artist, member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece,the editorial of Poesia e Conoscenza review (Milan), OFAA Association of Golden Medalists.. Studied Chemistry-Physics in AUC,an ACG graduate BA in Psychology-Sociology. For 7 years i was an apprentice in Soeur Hermann's visual arts workshop Besancon, Alexandria

As Poly Casdas my early paintings are in private collections
My early poetry was awarded 3 Golden Medals from the French Academy of Poets and a Grand Prix International de Poesie by the Cercle International de la Pensee et des Arts Francais

Born in multicultural Alexandria-lost, i live in Athens, i work everywhere 
nd my work seems to be characterized by over-determination and under- determination:

"Overdetermination refers to the production of an effect from more than one cause - although each of them would be sufficient to give the same result - even more as if between these seemingly unrelated causal lines, there is a relevance, a 'secret agreement' that escapes from our understanding. These converging lines, which may be present more often than its catches the eye, seem to give our lives a sense of syndetic cohesion.. as if an 'unaccessible wisdom’ were to deign to make its presence known, revealing an unimagined depth of the world.

Hyperdetermination data abound in PolyKasda’s work...she manages with a pre-scientific  way’ Paracelsus, Leonardo’s , the witch-doctor’s and Huomo Universalis’ to connect the tangible with the intangible and to  manifest in front of our eyes invisible dynamic lines that lend to our world a little more meaning"
Dr. Yannis Almyrandis, Democritus institute of bioscience and applications EKEFE director, Over-determination in poly kasda’s work, stoa tou vivliou Athens 2/6/2016  

"Dr. Yannis Almyrantis presented an intriguing approach with his essay “The over-determination in Poly Kasda’s work”. The present essay reflects on its antithetical term, the 'under-determination' in Kasda’s work.
 Within the frame of this presentation ‘under-determination’ is used with a double interpretation, employing the prefix under- (in greek hypo-):
On one hand, under-determination is an epistemological concept which challenges the univocal approach of experience. In this sense, it is considered impossible for an experience to be fully interpreted through a single axiom. This thinking is reflected in Gödel's incompleteness theorem and can be extended to Derrida's philosophical term of ‘deconstruction’, which refers to the infinite experience of language, but also to the impasse of its meaning.
Under-determination is transcribed in the work of Poly Kasda as scattered traces of language, objects, performances, gatherings, as well as other manifestations like TV shows, buildings and new media, which may reveal or conceal the true meaning, the core of her objectives. A core attracting into its orbit scientific theories of computational and cognitive science along with the philosophical and applied concepts of experience".
Mariana Zikou,,art-historian, under-determination in Poly Kasda's work, Stoa tou Vivliou,2/ 6/ 2016

characteristic excerpts

"Myth/Network is a work of Time dramatized inside the thick interface of liturgical/actual time. I consider all my emerging art-works in this 25 years old chunk (hemar), as time-shift  traces of my instant threshold peformance 1990 in the bottom of a lake..." P. Kasda, Tyflomyga review dedication interview 2002.

"The gigantic templo was towering above me like a fossilized theater curtain carved with alcoves, filled with this imposing absence of another duration, reverentially directing their gaze to the sacrificial stone shining in the center of the stage, daring me to perform my inescapable performance. Instinctively, I started carving with blind searching movements the mud overflowing the altar, as though I was trying to exhume this self-devouring SEM (Something Essential Missing), from its very sacrificial plinth, carving a way out from the labyrinthine grooves of my own fingerprint where I was feeling entrenched”. P. Kasda, When that word swallowed me, Sphinx Festival of Hidden Thebes, 2016.  

“The open ends of my experiment were now snapping into place: My threshold ritual performance in the bottom of the lake, my persona-dissolution in the collective planetary installation Chrysalis, my cartographies of spectral Greece, the “speaking sculptures” and my Chrysalis/ Grail monument, the PXK Route that unfolded from it unshrouding PAI, all of these temporal frames were different versions of the same principle stretching itself on  an 'hemar'  of 25 years; symptoms of my instant predemolition ritual  performed in the catoptric inside of the world”. P. Kasda, Ibid

"I was born in  the cognitive revolution of “the point zero of the present” as defined by radiocarbon calibration,in the beginning of nuclear tests and the changes in the measurement of time with the first computers - in Alexandria-lost, a shifting Hellenistic home grafted with the element of deconstruction, reconstructed in the planetary dimension of my work". P. Kasda, Ibid

"In fact, it was the Homo Sapiens/ Word- Virus HSWV that was manipulating me to slide out from the safety of my cognitive platform into the abyssal lake of my unconscious.
My whole project seems to be crouched inside the Greek word ΧΡΥΣΑΛΛΙΣ/Chrysalis, natural archetype of ontological mutation/ of culture formation". P. Kasda, Congress on Greek Language, Old Parliament of Athens 2009.

'Sometimes, a Word opens its gargling ‘mouth’ in the midst of our ordinary reality, swallowing us in its resonant belly, in which we shed our skin, peeling and molting according to its image. Thus, language is incarnated over and over again. P. Kasda, Art-Act, Athens, 2OO5.